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Quick Look: The GoPro channel offers hundreds of user-submitted videos from around the world. For those of you not familiar with GoPro, it is a very versatile camera/digital camcorder that is able to be used on land, underwater, or mounted to most anything that moves. GoPro's are most typically used in filming extreme sports or in high action situations where your typical camera dare not go.

The channel is separated into over a dozen playlists, including Surf, All Things Awesome, Flight, and Wild Animals. The videos run in sequence, or you can select a particular video by pushing the pause button on the remote and select the Playlist tab. From there you can select individual videos from that particular category. If you sign up for a GoPro account (don't worry it is free) you can "favorite" videos and add them to your personal queue, but it is not necessary to view any of the content. The videos do have commercial interruptions every so often, as well as the GoPro popups after every video.

In addition to the videos there is also a Products tab listing all of the available GoPro items, including cameras, mounts, and accessories.

-- Information is current as of April 22, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Watch the very best GoPro videos from across the globe. From surfing and snowboarding to music, motorsports and beyond - whatever your passion, you'll find it here.

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