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GandK KidPaint

GandK KidPaintQuick Look: KidPaint is a drawing program available for the Roku. The controls take some getting use to, as the "icon selector" is not very obvious. The drawing is limited to straight lines only, but there are options to add assorted shapes, or stamps with different images. You can choose what color you would like to draw in and the thickness of the lines can also be changed.

The toolbars are accessed by using the REW/FF/PLAY buttons. The REW button is used to access the toolbar on the left side of the screen, which lets you choose to draw with lines, shapes, and stamps. This toolbar also lets you undo, redo, erase, save your drawing or start a new one, and open the last-saved drawing.

The FF works the Right hand toolbar, which lets you choose line thickness, empty or filled shape (circle, square, triangle, etc.), or stamp image, depending on which selection you madeon the left. You can change the color of the line, shape, or shape filling using the PLAY/PAUSE controls to access the bottom toolbar.

Use the Arrow Keys to navigate the toolbar and the OK button to selects specific tool or color. Once you select your tool and color, you then need to follow the instructions on the bottom of the screen to draw your lines or place shapes on the screen. If you are unhappy with the result you can "Undo" or "Redo" the last task. The channel also allows you to Save and Open past or present drawings or delete the drawing completely and start over. The entertainment potential for this channel is quite high once you figure out the mechanics of the toolbar.

KidPaint Example

-- Information is current as of October 14, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: A fun drawing program for kids is finally available for the Roku! Let your kids run wild with lines, shapes and stamps, and make their own masterpiece!

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