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Frogpants Studios Ultra FeedQuick Look: Frogpants studios Ultra Feed is a collection of podcasts . Podcast shows include:
THE MORNING STREAM-We like the idea of morning shows. We hate what morning radio has become. So we made one that we could love! And hopfully, one you can love too. Join Scott Johnson and Brian Ibbott, Monday through Thursday every week for The Morning Stream!
THE DIABLO SHOW-For those devoted to wiping out the Prime Evil on a regular basis. Scott Johnson hosts this dedicated look at one of the greatest video game series of our time.
THE THERAPY SHOW-Hosted by Scott Johnson, and his sister, practicing therapist, Wendi Dunford. Taking on the big issues of our day in psychology, behavior studies, family life, marriage, money, and so much more
BOOP!-Video games news you can use, twice a week with host Scott Johnson. Consoles, PC’s, handhelds…all of it, and the news that makes and breaks the industry
COMIC DORKS-Join hosts Scott Johnson, Scott Kurtz, Marc Spagnuolo, and Stephen Schleicher as talk about, read, and recommend the best comics money can buy. News, mainstream publishers, indie comics…none are safe from their little show.
AUTOPILOT-Tom Merritt and Scott Johnson dig deep into TV history and pull out pilots that made it, changed, and some that were never seen by human eyes…until now. If you love TV like we do, then you’ll like the history and fun we pull out of TV.
DIARY OF A CARTOONIST-The personal side of Scott Johnson. A show about family, creativity, love and life. Well worth your ear time
FILM SACK-Weekly dip into old weird movies from the past and present awaits you here. With hosts Scott Johnson, Brian Ibbott, Randy Jordan, and Brian Dunaway. Arnold and Sly approve. Action, adventure, drama, comedy, with a heavy emphasis on the 80’s. Oh yeah…you heard me!
CURRENT GEEK-Tom Merritt and Scott Johnson bring in guests each week and break down the latest in only the nerdiest of news. Covering tech, pop culture, film, tv, and more!
THE INSTANCE-Since 2006, The Instance is still the number one voice in World of Warcraft coverage, with hosts Scott Johnson, Willie Dills, and Turpster. With news, views, and interviews with big names at Blizzard.
THE FINAL SCORE-The video game podcast for the rest of us! Weekly video game recaps with Scott Johnson, Nicole Spag, and Brian Dunaway (and friends). We love games, and we love talking about them on this show!
THE SPOILER SHOW-Join Scott Johnson and Justin Robert Young as they dig deep into the big movie events, TV shows, and other spoilerable content you know and love!
OTHER PODCAST TITLES:Sword and Laser, Coverville, Comics Coast to Coast, Critical Hit, The Angry Chicken, Wood Talk, Munchkin Land
All podcast descriptions were taken directly from the Frogpants Website

-- Information is current as of October 13, 2014

Developer's Channel Description:Listen to all the audio podcasts from Scott Johnson's Frogpants studios. Enjoy podcasts on gaming, technology, politics, and more!

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