Quick Look: FlixRaider is a movie review site that focuses on off-the-beaten-path movies found on Netflix, HBO Now, HuluPlus, and Amazon Instant Video. The movies are categorized according to Genre or Theme, taking some of the stress out of trying to locate a movie. The reviews consist of a 3-1/2-minute synopsis of the film, basic story lines, and actors, but not revealing any of the twists or plots in the movie. The brief written movie description tells you which channels it is currently available on and as the movies are removed the reviews stay up but the listing reads "Not currently streaming".

Personally, I found this site very beneficial as I have all three of these Roku channels. I have seen several of the movies listed and, while they might not have been theater blockbusters, they were definitely worth watching (including the clip found below).

Below you will find an example video from the FlixRaider YouTube Channel, a review of "Hector and the Search for Happiness"

-- Information is current as of August 13, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: FlixRaider is a streaming movie recommendation service dedicated to finding you good things to watch. We scour the depths of the most popular streaming services to find those hidden gems and and lesser known movies and tv series that just don't get the attention they deserve

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