Fight Night

Quick Look: Fight Night is a collection of YouTube videos featuring many different fighting styles ranging from sanctioned boxing matches to all out street brawls. The videos are categorized according to the style of fight, including the following:

  • Street Fights - 25 videos featuring street fights, riots, and vicious knockouts
  • Boxing - 4 highlight reels feature one punch KO's compilations and Mike Tyson Knockouts
  • Comedy Fights - Funny movie fights and one ridiculous street fight
  • Martial Arts - Sanctioned Karate matches, Sparring demos and Grappling techniques
  • Female Fights - 6 cat-fight compilations and street brawls

Due to the content found on this channel viewer discretion is advised.

Below is an example video from this channel (viewer discretion is advised due to language and content).

-- Information is current as of January 10, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: The number one spot for amazing fights anywhere you can think of. You will always have some face punching body slamming amazing fights to watch that's entertaining from now on with Fight Night Channel!

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