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Quick Look: Family Movies by is full of family-friendly movies and television shows that everyone can enjoy. The movies are a mix of live action and animated features that can be found in the following genres. There is a fair amount of overlap of content in all of the categories, which include:

  • Action - 11 titles, including Ernest in the Army, Pirates of the Plain, and Splat
  • Adventure - 60 titles, including The Snow Walker, Adventure Scouts, and The Yearling
  • Animal - 22 titles, including Cool Dog, White Lion, and Animal Farm
  • Based on True Stories - 8 titles, including Chasing 3000, Finding Rin Tin Tin, and The Aviators
  • Comedy - 74 titles, including Chilly Dogs, Invisible Dad and Tad, and The Lost Explorer
  • Drama - 112 titles, including Dragonworld: The Legend Continues, Letters to God, and Adventures of the Penguin King
  • Fantasy - 36 titles, including Adventures in Dinotopia, The Lucky Dragon, and Dinosaur Island
  • World Cinema - 8 titles, including It's Not Me, I Swear, Windstorm ,and Lost Islands
  • Kids - 77 titles, including Jack and the Beanstalk, Ernest Goes to School, and Ghost Squad

-- Information is current as of June 27, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Family Movies by offers FREE family-friendly movies and TV shows for your whole family.

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