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Diets and Detox

Quick Look: Diets and Detox has videos that are full of healthy diet plans and cleanses to help you feel you best and remove toxins from your body. Many of the videos fall into one of two categories - healthy recipes or how certain foods impact your health either negatively or positively - with video titles that include "The Dangers of processed Foods," "The Health Benefits of Eating Fruit," and "The Importance of Drinking Water for Weight Loss." The videos do not offer demonstrations but are more of a narrated slide presentation.

Videos are available in the following categories:

  • How To Detox Yourself - 11 videos about physical and mental detoxing
  • How to live a Gluten-Free Lifestyle - 10 videos about the benefits of being gluten free and how to adapt your lifestyle
  • The 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse - 10 videos with recipes for different smoothies to improve various aspects of your life including energy, sleep, digestion and weight loss
  • Keto Diet Basics - 11 videos discussing the benefits of a keto diet, recipes and how it works
  • Juicing for Vitality - 10 videos discussing recipes, cleanses and the benefits of juicing
  • The Foolproof diet - 12 videos discussing the importance of various foods in a healthy diet
  • The Healthy Eating Guide - 12 videos about a healthy well balanced diet
  • The Bulletproof Keto Diet - 11 Keto diet plans and alternatives

-- Information is current as of August 15, 2019

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