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CosmoBodyQuick Look: Cosmobody is a fitness channel designed to make you feel and look your best. Not only will you find exhilarating workouts to transform the outside, there are videos that help transform the inside as well. The channel offers a 10-day Free Trial, which can be cancelled anytime.

The channel offers several different workout options with most sessions lasting 30 minutes or less. The videos are categorized as follows:

Featured Workouts - Here you will find several different workouts designed to sculpt a particular region

Workouts - This category is further subdivided into specific exercises:

  • Turbo - Short workout routines designed to sculpt you body
  • Cardio - Assorted exercises designed to boost your Cardio for all levels of fitness
  • Strength - Videos designed to strengthen you from head to toe
  • Dance - Easy to follow videos to boost your cardio and tone your body
  • Yoga - Many different videos to increase flexibility, and energy levels, or to reduce stress and clear the cobwebs
  • Interval - A series of training videos that can be done anywhere

The next option is titled Challenges. This type of workout regimen is designed to motivate the "goal oriented" person. Here you will find several different challenges that help make the exercise more enjoyable. The challenges include: Vacation Body, Wedding Body, Revenge Body, Cool Mind,hot bod, Sexier by Saturday, Get Hotter Together, and Getting Started.

Trainers is an option that allows you to follow any of the 8 certified trainers. Enjoy a full body workout, or focus on a specific region with your favorite trainer. The last option is titled "Live it Up!", which is a series of non-fitness related videos. These videos are centered more around everyday life, like skin care advice, fashion, and diet.

-- Information is current as of October 16, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Lose weight, tone up, and get healthier with CosmoBody. Try it 100% FREE for 10 days and get full access to exciting, effective workouts for all fitness levels - each under 30 minutes. New workouts are added weekly so you'll never get bored or hit a plateau. Start working out with CosmoBody today.

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DEVELOPER: Hearst Digital Studios

FEES: 10-day Free Trial, $9.99 monthly subscription

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