CoolFlix (formerly OVGuide)

CoolFlix Quick Look: CoolFlix, formerly called OVGuide, provides free viewing of current-era movies and TV shows in numerous genres that currently include:

  • TV Shows
  • Classic TV
  • Action and Thriller
  • Westerns
  • Drama
  • Horror
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Comedy
  • Thriller
  • Documentary
  • Great British Drama
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy TV
  • Family and Kids
  • Kids TV Shows
  • Paranormal
  • Paranormal TV
  • True Crime
  • True Crime TV
  • Nature and Outdoor Life
  • Nature and Outdoor Life TV
  • History
  • History TV
  • Harlequin Romance
  • World Cinema
  • Documentaries
  • Reality and Documentary TV
  • Indie Films
  • Grindhouse
  • LGBT

Don't be fooled into thinking that each category has only 20 titles available. If you scroll right in a category, additional titles are added in increments of 20. Drama, for example, currently includes 60 titles.

The channel lists the videos that you've recently watched, and includes a queue and a favorites list. In addition to these genres, movies are listed under Featured, Popular on Coolflix, New Arrivals, Trending, Staff Picks, and Trending. CoolFlix has some additional features to make it easier to find and watch films. In addition to a search function at the top of the page, you can press the * button on your remote while a title is highlighted to bring up the following options:

  • Go to first in row - Useful if you've scrolled over to the 50th of 100 titles in a category and want to go back to the beginning of the category.
  • Go to top - Useful if you've scrolled way down on the home page and want to get back to the options at the top.
  • Search - No need to find the top-of-screen search function, search from where you're already at.
  • Similar Videos - Brings up a list of titles similar to the one you've highlighted.
  • Add to Queue - Select this option, and the title will be added to a watchlist and shown at the top of the home screen.

If a movie is already streaming, you can access play controls by pressing the Down key on your remote, which will also give you the option to find related titles or search for a new video.

-- Information is current as of March 6, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: Watch over 10,000 FREE movies and TV shows starring your favorite actors. Enjoy films and TV from over 15 different genres, including comedy, horror, action and more. Content is updated DAILY and always free! Free Movies and TV. No Subscription.

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