ColdWar TV

ColdWar TV, an offshoot of the Roku channel The Archive, has just two categories of war-themed films: "This Means War!" and "War Docs". Titles in these categories include the following:

  • Fallen Not Forgotten (2009) - Sgt. Smith struggles to find hope amidst the overwhelming odds of the Battle of the Bulge. Igniting his will to survive is the woman he left behind waiting resolutely for his return.
  • The Quick and the Dead (1963) - Set in Nazi-occupied Europe during during World War II, a group of American soldiers and Italian partisans join forces against the Germans in northern Italy.
  • Pearl Harbor: A Day of Infamy (2001) - Survivors share their memories of that fateful day, recalling the terror, confusion and bravery of those who suddenly found the peaceful setting of their Hawaiian paradise shattered by bombs and bullets wrecking death and devastation. Historic archival film footage and dramatic recreations highlight this presentation.

Other categories include World History, Have Faith!, Hollywood History, Black History, HERstory, and Talk & Travel. Even the featured films are decidedly not war-related, but instead include I Was a Mail Order Bride (1982), Beverly Hills Brats (1989), Cannabis To Save My Life (2016), and Dolly Parton in Unlikely Angel (1996).

-- Information is current as of November 2, 2022

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Ripped from the 20th Century's biggest headlines, ColdWar TV presents a thrilling collection of action films sure to excite fans of war, espionage and cold geopolitics. From war to terrorism, history and war buffs look no further than ColdWarTV

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