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Bridges TVRokuGuide Quick Look: Bridges TV, according to their website, "offers a broad range of lifestyle oriented programming that aims to foster a greater understanding between the West and MESA (Middle Eastern/South Asian) religions, its cultures, and diverse populations." The website goes on to say that "Bridges TV seeks to be an educational and entertaining channel that provides food for thought and help people understand our diverse world here and abroad."Now, that doesn't help me understand their programming, either, so I took a look at the shows on Bridges TV. Shows are offered in nine categories: News, Sports, Talk, Travel, Drama, Interviews, Food, Kids, and Faith. Here are just a few shows currently shown as available on Bridges TV to give you an idea of what's available.

  • Viewpoint - James Zogby, founder and president of the Arab American Institute, hosts a weekly discussion about Middle East and world issues.
  • Alternative Focus - Dedicated to offering the American public a balance to existing coverage of Middle East and related issues.
  • World in America - A series that explores the challenges and contributions of people from every corner the globe as they come to call the U. S. home. Each show highlights a different ethnic community
  • FIBA Basketball - Basketball action from around the world, including FIBA World and FIBA Continental Championships and footage from the FIBA archive.
  • Arabia's Cycle of Life - A documentary that takes viewers on a journey deep into the natural environments of Arabia's mountain, desert and coastal ecosystems.
  • Antony's Morocco - Antony Thompson takes you with him to Morocco, where he shops the bazaar and cooks some great Middle Eastern delights.
  • Essentials of Faith - Sets out to discover what, despite the internal arguments, are the core beliefs of the major world religions.

Bridges TV is a live-stream channel, as opposed to video on demand, meaning you watch what is being shown as you would with cable, satellite and OTA stations without a DVR. If there is a show you want to watch, you can find the schedule on the Bridges TV website. However, many of the shows say to "check your local listings" for air time (Bridges TV is also available from several cable providers), which doesn't help when you're watching on the Roku. If you've loaded Bridges TV and what to know what's currently playing, you'll have to spend some time clicking through all of the show listings to find out what's playing, as I was unable to find a listings grid showing what's airing by date and time.

Video quality, at least for the shows I sampled, was low, but watchable. The channel is free but you do have to register on the Bridges TV website and then link your Roku. I don't see any purpose in requiring registration, as there are no personalized features on either the website or the Roku channel. I have to assume that registering is a way to obtain e-mail addresses for marketing purposes. Oh, and they also require you to enter your telephone number, which is very odd for a website registration.

-- Information is current as of October 1, 2014

Developer's Channel Description:Bridges TV is offering a dynamic range of lifestyle, entertainment, news & educational programming aimed at fostering greater understanding between global cultures, religions & diverse ethnic populations.

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