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breakeroidsQuick Look: Breakeroids can best be described as a mash-up of two classic arcade games, "Asteroids" and "Breakout,", with a few subtle differences.

The game requires you to use the remote (HOLD IT HORIZONTALLY); use the "A" button to start the game and launch the ball, the "B" button to pull up the instructions page, and the arrow button to pause the game. Tilt the controller left or right to move the paddle.

You begin each game, or "Wave," with 3 shields. The asteroids can not pass through the shields but the ball can, as well as bombs being dropped by random UFO's. In order to "break apart" the initial or larger asteroids you must hit them on the top, otherwise the ball will ricochet off. If you fail to properly "play" the ball, meaning you miss it, or are hit by a UFO you lose a shield. The game ends when all shields have been destroyed and the asteroids reach the earth. In the game play there are random power-ups to help you but be wary of the side effects. Once you improve your skill level try tapping the "A" button to curve the balls trajectory.

-- Information is current as of January 16, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Defend the Earth from wave after wave of asteroids, armed only with a paddle and a bouncing ball. Drop the ball and you lose a shield - lose all your shields and the asteroids wipe out the planet. A neo-retro twist on two gaming staples - breaking bricks and blasting space rocks

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DEVELOPER: coolpowers

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