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BrainyBuzzQuick Look: The Mission of BrainyBuzz is "to establish a quorum of educational content provided by different providers and to establish a one-stop educational organization where educational concepts are distributed using mobile, TV and internet platforms."1 To accomplish that mission, BrainyBuzz produces educational content, partners with educational content providers, and promotes informative educational content.

The BrainyBuzz Roku channel offers free instructional videos for the following courses:

  • Language - Telugu and Hindi
  • Music - Carnatic and Semi-classical
  • Professional Courses - HTML, CSS, JavsScript, and JQuery
  • STEM Courses - Mathematics
  • Corporate Training - Business Etiquette

Individual videos are generally under 10 minutes in length. Production quality is variable. Sound is poor quality on some videos, and the graphics are very basic - these are not polished, professional videos. However, the video quality should not detract from the value of the information provided by the lessons.

A BrainyBuzz promotional video can be viewed below.

-- Information is current as of March 14, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: This educational channel has videos which are produced, partnered and promoted by BrainyBuzz LLC. This channel has informative videos about Telugu, Hindi, English, Mathematics, Music, Carnatic Music, Professional courses and also Corporate training material.

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