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Boardy TV

Quick Look: Boardy TV is a collection of board game reviews, previews, and playthroughs designed for the true board game enthusiast. We're not talking about Monopoly or Candyland - the games featured on this channel are ones that are fairly new and not widely known or popular. The videos are provided under the following categories:

  • Cooperative Games
  • Dice Games
  • Comedy Games
  • New Releases
  • Popular Games
  • Casual Games
  • Deeper Strategy Games

In addition to game reviews there are trailers, game discussions, coverage from conventions (Gencon), how-to's, and playthroughs. You will also find special categories from The Game Boy Geek , No Pun Included, Tantrum House and Board to Death

In addition to these categories there are 38 additional "channels" that revolve around board games.

Below is an example video from this channel:

-- Information is current as of November 23, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: Boardy TV brings together the best board gaming videos into one easy-to-use app for your TV. From reviews and trailers to convention coverage and playthroughs, you'll find everything in one place. Enjoy our curated live streams or browse our extensive video-on-demand catalog

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DEVELOPER: Stratus Games

FEES: None

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