Better Home Recipes

Quick Look: Better Home Recipes is a random assortment of 99 non-categorized videos, from almost as many different sources. This channel is not a traditional cooking channel; in fact very few of the videos actually pertain to cooking. Of the videos that do offer cooking tips, some provide step by step instructions while others are a quick demonstration that tend to leave out a few important steps along the way. In addition to the limited cooking videos there are the random fitness and exercise video trailers, grocery shopping videos, travel and pet videos plus a handful of videos that do not fall into any category.

If you are looking for strictly cooking videos visit the Food Category on Rokuguide.

-- Information is current as of March 3, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: Quick and easy better home recipes for the most delicious desserts, appetizers, healthy recipes and more.(Channel doesn't support SD mode)

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DEVELOPER: 917 Digital LLC

FEES: None

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