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Best Christmas Channel Ever 3

Quick Look: Best Christmas Channel Ever 3 is basically a relaunch of last season's Best Christmas Channel Ever 2 , which has been pared down to just four categories. This year's version includes the following:

  • Christmas TV Episodes - 14 Christmas episodes of classic TV shows, including The Beverly Hillbillies (A Special Clampett Christmas Special), Dragnet (A Gun for Christmas), and Petticoat Junction (A Cannonball Christmas).
  • Christmas Movies - 11 vintage specials including "A Christmas Carol" and "Santa and the Fairy Snow Queen."
  • Christmas TV Specials - 12 vintage Christmas shows including Hit parade Christmas Eve Show 1955 and the George Burns Early Christmas Special
  • Christmas Party Backgrounds - 15 different "screensaver style" videos including the Zombie Apocalypse Yule Log and numerous fake fireplace scenes
  • Christmas Cartoons - 6 vintage animated specials available
  • Christmas Concerts - 4 available including Christmas at the Commons, Carols at the Cube, and The Paradox of Christmas
  • Classic Christmas Commercials - 5 compilations of Christmas commercials
  • Vintage Commercials - 5 more commercials
  • Toy Reviews - Five unboxings from the George E TV YouTube channel
  • Christmas Radio - Christmas episodes of vintage radio shows and other vintage radio broadcasts, including The Jack Benny Show and The Elgin Holiday Show: December 25th 1944.

Decide for yourself whether this is the "best Christmas channel ever" by visiting the other Roku Christmas-themed channels listed here.

-- Information is current as of December 5, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: Join us for The Bigger and Better Best Christmas Channel Ever 2018 Edition! Ring in the holidays with all of your favorite Christmas Films and TV specials from yesterday and today!

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