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Beautiful Homes of Los Angeles

Quick Look: Beautiful Homes of Los Angeles on Roku is a real estate listing channel for the greater L.A. area. The channel currently contains 12 listings for homes and lots, grouped into over or under $750,000. Each video provides a video tour of both the home and property, pointing out important details as well as providing contact information for the listing agent.

Don't assume that any of the properties on this channel are still on the market, though. Most of the addresses are shown on as being sold (some sell dates are several months ago) or otherwise off the market. It appears that this channel is just a collection of random video tours found online, with no effort made to screen or update the videos.

-- Information is current as of August 31, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: Beautiful Homes of Los Angeles is where you can come look at homes of all sizes and prices. Enjoy the open house experience right from your TV. Look to buy to just enjoy.

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DEVELOPER: Barons Media

FEES: None