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Quick Look:BatteryPOP is a compilation of several standalone BatteryPOP Roku channels that include batteryPOP Music, batteryPOP Videos for Kids, batteryPOP Cartoons, batteryPOP Learning and batteryPOP Slime & DIY.

The videos provide a mix of animation and live action with a wide variety of educational and entertaining kid-friendly videos that are safe for almost all ages. The following content is currently available:

  • Cartoons - A mix of vintage and original shows and series. The syndicated shows only contain clips from random episodes, while independent series and vintage shows include full episodes. Includes content from 46 series including Superman (the original), Popeye, Kimchi Warrior, and OM NOM Stories
  • Gaming - A mix of 5 standalone Roku and YouTube channels featuring gaming tips, tricks and walk-throughs
  • Music - 26 separate kid safe "channels" found on YouTube including Little Rockers and SpacePOP
  • Slime and DIY - Content from the JKrew, Hecketery and Peachy Queen
  • STEM - 18 educational programs from Highlights, Math with Matthew, and Wild Explorers

-- Information is current as of July 10, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: batteryPOP features the best kid safe videos for all ages including classic cartoons, superheroes, slime, DIY, music videos, educational & more. batteryPOP is Videos for Kids! Watch hours of your favorite kid safe videos across all batteryPOP channels. On batteryPOP there's something for every kid!

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