Quick Look: If you are in the market for a new or used vehicle, take a look at AutoStride, an online marketplace where you can search for available cars and trucks for sale around the United States. The initial search criteria is base price, starting at Under $2000 and incrementally increasing to Over $30,000. You can then choose New or Used, Make and Model (all standard vehicles can be found; sorry, no Lamborghinis). You will then be shown all of the available options including images (in most cases) and where the car or truck is located. For some reason not all vehicles provide additional information as to where it can be found, but visiting the website and creating an account will fill in the voids and answer all of your questions.

-- Information is current as of October 1, 2015

Developer's Channel Description:The first automotive marketplace for the Roku Smart TV platform. Over 750,000 inventory listings (vehicle detail pages), available to the public. Search for an array of new or used vehicles. Car dealerships, sell your vehicles through our application, providing leads to your CRMs and BDCs.

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DEVELOPER:Tyrol Enterprises, LLC.

FEES: None

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