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Quick Look: Art4us allows users to view art and (after registration) to rent specific pieces for display in the Art4us screensaver. There are several options for browsing, including All Artists, Most Popular, New Art, New Artist, and Random. Registered users can create a wishlist and create a list of favorite artists. Once you have selected a category or artist you can view all of the available images. I found the easiest way to start is to click on "All Artists" and refine your search from there.

The Roku Remote further enhances viewing of each image with the following options:

  • OK brings up various options that include rent as screensaver (prices vary), view actual size, purchase signed original, share on Facebook, add to wishlist and add to favorite artists
  • FF/REW will zoom in or out on an image
  • skip to the previous and next image
  • Play will start a slideshow of all art under your browsing selection

Just press the up or down key on your remote to display the navigation options at the bottom of the screen.

There are hundreds of available images to save, add to your wishlist or set up as a screensaver. Most images cost $2.99 for screensaver use. In order to create an account you must link your Roku and enter the code on the television. Once you have done that you can now purchase or rent various pieces of art for your screensaver or to hang on the wall.

-- Information is current as of October 15, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Fresh new art from talented artists around the world! Just browse, or use your favorite images as a screensaver. Put the biggest frame in your house, your TV, to good use. Art4us - revolutionizing the way art is appreciated and acquired!

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