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ArmchairTourist subscription

Quick Look: ArmchairTourist subscription is identical to the free version with the exception that there is audio available in this version, and no ads. The video is comprised of scenes where a camcorder was placed on a tripod and allowed to record the scene with no intervention and recording random audio from the locale. Each segment lasts for several minutes and then changes to a new location. The is no "controlling" the video or any information available pertaining to the location. Videos are very random ranging from busy city streets, to desert scenes and tranquil natural settings.

-- Information is current as of April 29, 2015

Developer's Channel Description:ArmchairTourist specializes in static, long play, experiential videos that allow viewers to vicariously enjoy the sights and sounds of fascinating locations around the world.

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DEVELOPER: ArmchairTourist

FEES: Monthly Subscription rate of $2.99/month