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AnimotoQuick Look: Animoto is an online service for uploading photos and video clips and combining them into a single video with titles, captions, animated transitions, and background music. The Animoto channel on Roku lets you log into your account and view your own videos on your connected TV.

The Animoto service is an easy and fun way to share your photos and videos. The free Lite account lets you create presentations up to 30 seconds in length with a choice of 50 styles and hundreds of soundtracks. Video quality is limited to 360p, but you can upgrade to full HD for a per-video fee or with a paid subscription. Click here for a video I created in just a few minutes using photos from a recent vacation.

The free account will allow you to post your video on Facebook and Twitter, and you can upload to YouTube and SmugMug, or you can share a link for viewing the video on the Animoto website. And videos from your free account can be viewed on the Animoto Roku channel. To download the video, though, you will need to upgrade to a paid account, which provides additional features such as HD and downloadable video, additional styles and music tracks, and more control over timing and effects.

-- Information is current as of January 19, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: The most beautiful way to share your photos & videos

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DEVELOPER: Float Left Interactive

The Roku channel is free, but you must link it to your Animoto account. Lite accounts are free, but upgrading to a Plus ($5/Month or $30 annually) or Pro ($39/Month or $249 annually) subscription provides additional features such as HD video, downloadable video, and additional styles and music tracks.

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