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America Business Television

America Business TelevisionQuick Look: Business Television (BTV) is self-described as a 30-minute weekly business TV program that features emerging companies.1 "[T]his 30 minute weekly national business show features companies at their location, interviews the company’s key executives, showcases their products and services, and unveils their plans for future growth."2 The show is advertised as being shown on Fox Business News in the U.S.

This Roku channel currently features a half-dozen episodes of BTV along with a half-dozen other financial-related videos. (Note: vidoes were extremely slow to load when I sampled this channel, and I experienced frequent reloading during video playback.)

-- Information is current as of February 21, 2014

Developer's Channel Description:AMERICAN BUSINESS TV is a programming network centered on providing an elite platform of exposure to large and small businesses alike.

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