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All Fitness TV

All Fitness TV Quick Look: All Fitness TV is one of the few non subscription based fitness channels available on Roku, although that is an option. The basic channel is free, but is Ad Sponsored. You can "rent" the videos for $.99 and they run add free or you can get unlimited, commercial free videos for $4.99/month.
The channel is comprised of several different types of workouts that can easily be done at home.
Cardio- Assorted exercises designed to increase you cardio-vascular stamina (JazzDance, Cardio Kickboxing, Aikido Drills)
Healthy Living- Over 60 videos focused on nutrition.
Pilates- several hours of Pilates videos for better posture and awesome Abs
Pilates TV- over 60 Pilates videos, from the series Power Pilates
Pregnancy- Nine episodes from the series Fit pregnancy.
Yoga- 4 videos from Carol Argo- The anti-aging method, 3 videos on Flexibility, 4 videos on Nourishment, 4 videos on Foundations( basic yoga stances)
While I doubt you will find any of the video content in the "Best Sellers" category for exercise, keep in mind it is free, and does provide advice from professional trainers.

-- Information is current as of September 22, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Get ready for a total body overhaul with the exciting 24/7, FREE streaming fitness channel. With a vast library of quality fitness workout programs, this engaging on-demand service gives you the most popular workout trends, categories and genres!

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