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AirCastLive Quick Look: AirCastLive is an app that lets you take photos and videos with your smartphone, or upload them from your computer, and share them with other AirCastLive users through their Roku (or other smart TV device) running the AirCastLive app. Just create a free AirCastLive account and then upload photos or videos through the website or download the free app to create and send photos and videos from your smartphone. You can view your own photos and videos on your Roku-connected TV using the AirCastLive Roku app, or send a message through the app to share your photos and videos with other AirCastLive Roku users.

Free AirCastLive accounts offer 1 GB of photo and video storage space; additional storage is available for an annual fee (see the fees section below). However, anyone wanting to view your photos and videos over their Roku device will have to shell out five bucks for the Roku app.

The AirCastLive apps worked well for me in video mode, but I ran into problems with photos. The Android app crashed every time I tried to use it in photo mode, but I've been assured that Android issues are isolated events and this may be unique to my aging Droid Razor Maxx. I also uploaded two photos from my computer. Thumbnails for both showed up in the Roku app, but one photo refused to load full-screen.

I can't comment on the sharing aspect of this app, as it is new and I don't have AirCast IDs for any other users. On that note, AirCast will assign you a hard-to-remember ID consisting of random numbers and letters. You can create an easier-to-share personal ID by going to the Settings selection in your account - but you will have to provide a telephone number to do so, otherwise you cannot save the new ID.

-- Information is current as of December 13, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: AirCastLive is a mobile video/photo messaging service for your TV! Upload personal videos/photos from your computer or our mobile app, and then view it immediately on your TV using Roku. You can also share content by sending it directly to another user's TV using the "AirCast It" feature.

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DEVELOPER: AirCast Mobile

FEES: $4.99 for Roku app. Includes free account with 1 GB of photo and video storage.
$9/year for 5 GB
$19/year for 20 GB
$39/year for 40 GB

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