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Quick Look: AFH TV is an outlet for hip hop music videos and also features interviews with artists, documentaries, and throwback videos to the early days of this genre. Videos are available in the following categories:

  • Featured Videos
  • Freestyles
  • Reflections on Dilla
  • Politics as Usual
  • GRIT

AFH TV is a subscription based channel, but you can browse all of the available content without a subscription.

Below is an example video from this channel.

-- Information is current as of December 2, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: On AFH TV, you will find compelling interviews, music videos, rare throwback footage and more. As we grow, we will expand to documentaries, TV series, films and other video content about and inspired by Hip-Hop culture. Everything chosen for AFH TV will be done so with the respect and care merited by the most important force to arise in entertainment culture in the last 40 years. We love Hip-Hop and this is for others who do too.

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Developer: AFH TV

FEES: $1.99/month or $11.99/year

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