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Adventure To Fitness App

Quick Look: Adventure To Fitness App is a subscription-based channel that promotes health and fitness for children. According to their website, "Adventure to Fitness is the nation’s #1 educational fitness program, used by over 120,000 teachers across more than 22,000 schools, and the nation’s top children’s hospitals and organizations."

The channel features a collection of 30-minute "Adventure Videos" that require the viewers to act out scenarios performing moderate-to-vigorous physical activity while watching educational videos. But no content is available until you log in with an existing account or create an account, which can be done through the Roku channel or at href="">/

An introductory video can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of March 21, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: Adventure to Fitness is the nation's #1 educational fitness program for kids that combines movement with a mission. Each episode challenges kids to move and learn with Adventure Guide, Mr. Marc, while foiling Mr. Lazy's latest plan as he tries to rid the world of healthy kids.

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DEVELOPER: Adventure to Fitness

Monthly- $19.00
Annually- $99.00
2 Years- $189.00

Other packages are available for Schools and Institutions

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