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Adam Curry's Big App Show

Adam Curry's Big App Show Quick Look: Adam Curry's Big App Show brings you up to date Apps for your iPhone and Android powered devices. The videos are separated out into categories, where each App in that category is reviewed for it pros and cons. The categories include:

  • New and Featured
  • Games and Entertainment
  • System Tools and Utilities
  • News and Weather
  • Language, Reference & Library Tools
  • Productivity and Time Management
  • Communications, Email & Texting
  • Audio & Video
  • Graphics and Creative
  • Lifestyle & Social

In order to access this channel you must link your Roku, simply follow the instructions, and enter the necessry code.
I am not sure when the videos were last updated, the Facebook page most recent posts date back to October 2012, and the link for the website does not produce any content

-- Information is current as of September 22, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Adam Curry's Daily review of apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Android Devices. Each appisode features a full screen review of the hottest new apps.

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DEVELOPER: NanoTech Media Corp.

FEES: None

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