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A Taste Of Theater

Quick Look: A Taste Of Theater features local community theatrical productions from aspiring playwrights and actors. The shows are all original productions, so you won't be seeing any Shakespeare, Arthur Miller or Oscar Wilde productions here. What you will find are a handful of original pieces from various genres including Comedy, Drama, "Dramady," and Religious/Spiritual.

There is a huge difference in volume from one presentation to the next, so be prepared to do some quick volume control.

A sample video from A Taste Of Theater can be viewed below.

-- Information is current as of April 5, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Transform your living room into a performing arts Theatre with our App. With A Taste Of Theater you can watch plays from playwrights around the world for FREE. Grab some popcorn and your favorite snack, sit back, relax and enjoy.

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DEVELOPER: A Taste Of Theater

FEES: None

Closed Captioned Enabled: NA

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