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The Best Roku Channels for Halloween 2018

October 26, 2018 - 20:46 -- RokuGuide

The Best Roku Channels for HalloweenWhether you need inspiration for Halloween treats and decorating ideas, you're looking for some late-night horror films, or you want to add some appropriate ambiance or music to your Halloween party, these Roku channels will deliver what you're looking for. And they're all free!

The CraftSmart channel's Halloween Crafts category has over 139 videos to keep you and your kids busy creating Halloween decorations and crafts. Learn how to make a Play-Doh doll witch doll, five creepy but classy Halloween decorations on a budget, and DIY mini pumpkin candles. There are also videos on how to carve jack-o-lanterns and how to play some pranks on trick-or-treaters.. You'll find lots of other ideas for Halloween decorations, and, of course, a number of ideas for Halloween costumes.

You'll find lots of inspiration for Halloween party food and treats on the channel, but you'll have to do a little work to find it. The iFood channel has become a bit confusing - scroll down to the Halloween category where you'll find four categories: Appetizers, Mains and Sides, Desserts and Treats, and Cocktails. Or, for a much bigger selection, press the * button on your Roku remote and select the Search option. Search on Halloween to find the "halloween - baking channel" where you'll discover 150 instructional videos for treats like a Frankenstein Halloween Cake, vegan Zombie Eyeballs, Poison Candy Apples.

Stream the Halloween Haunted Window 2018 channel on your Roku to set the mood for a Halloween party or while greeting trick-or-treaters. The channel gives the impression of watching a haunted house through your window. Watch closely throughout the 90-minute video for ghostly apparitions and appearances of a hooded figure moving about with a scythe in hand, all set to background sounds of a thunderstorm and eerie music.

If your Halloween party needs something a little more lively than the sound of rain, thunder, and ghostly moans, launch Pandora and search for "halloween" to find the genre stations Halloween Party, Family Halloween, Hipster Halloween, and Halloween Metal, along with numerous tracks that are perfect for this holiday.

If you like hearing scary stories, search the TuneIn channel for "Halloween" then turn down the lights and gather around the Roku horror stories and scary Halloween music.

What better time than Halloween to sit back and watch some good horror movies? There is no shortage of Roku channels with an abundance of horror films - you can search for "horror" and take your pick from any number of vintage or modern-era titles. If you want some recommendations, though, these are some good channels to start with:

And, finally, if you just want to add a little Halloween decoration to your TV screen, there are several screensavers for season, including Halloween Screensaver, Halloween Scream Screensaver, Happy Halloween, and Adult Halloween.