Roku Ends Channel and Software Updates for "Classic Roku" Models

July 24, 2015 - 17:30 -- RokuGuide
Roku Classic

If you're still using an early-generation Roku player - one made before May 2011 - you may have noticed that channels are disappearing or not being updated. After May 30, 2015, Roku discontinued software and channel updates to the Classic Roku players, which include models N1000, N1050, N1100, N1101, 2000X, 2050X, and 2100X. Existing channels will continue to operate as long as they are supported by the channel owner, but no updates will be pushed out to these older players, and you won't be able to add any additional channels.

Even some existing channels will no longer be available on a Classic Roku. HBO GO was retired on July 13 and now delivers an error message that says "This channel is no longer available" to Classic Roku users who try to load the channel. Also, sports channels that operate by seasons, such as MLS and MLB, won't be available for future seasons. MLS is already reported as dead, but MLB.TV will continue to operate on Classic Rokus through the 2015 season. According to Roku, "our channel partners ultimately decide what channels they offer and which software platforms they support."

Roku states that they have stopped supporting Classic Rokus because the 4-year old hardware can't support the current-generation software. Roku is reportedly offering a 20% discount on a current-generation Roku to offering $20 off the Roku 3 for owners of the affected models. If you own a Classic Roku and have not received this offer by e-mail, send an e-mail to The offer is good only when purchasing directly from Roku, Inc. If you don't want a Roku 3, or don't want to wait to get the discount from Roku, check out all the current Roku players and a wide assortment of Roku TVs at the Amazon Roku Store.

For additional information, Roku has posted answers to Questions about the Classic Roku Players on their website.

This article was updated on Aug 24, 2015 to update information about the discount offered to owners of the Classic Roku and to add a link to Roku's support page about Classic Rokus.