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Sunfly Karaoke

Sunfly Karaoke

Quick Look: The concept is very simple. Set up a play queue on your Roku by searching by title or artist, by browsing the latest releases, or by selecting from the list of Top 100 songs. Hit play and sing along.

You can preview the app's functions by creating an account and linking your Roku at the link shown below. When you get to the step of adding time to your account, simply link your Roku from that page and you can test all features of the app except for actual play.

It would be a nice addition if users could test the actual music. New accounts could be given a free song or a few seconds of queued songs. As it is, you'll have to purchase time (see costs below) to see if you like the music and the way lyrics are presented.

Developer's Channel Description: Sunfly Karaoke presents karaoke on Roku with subscription services.

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One Day - $4.99
One Month - $6.99
Three Months - $18.99
Six Months - $29.99
One Year - $49.99

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