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Sleep Diet

Sleep DietRokuGuide Quick Look: According to one of the splash screens that you'll see when you load this channel, sleep deprivation is the third leading cause of obesity in the U.S. The videos shown on the Sleep Diet Roku channel purportedly provide "light and sound therapies proven to reduce stress levels and raise your metabolism." It is left unstated whether the reduction in stress levels and rise in metabolism will reduce sleep deprivation. The splash screen also claims that Sleep Diet "can bring positive changes in behavior, replacing unhealthy old habits with healthy new ones." What behaviors and habits will be changed are also left unstated.

After clicking through the splash screens and waiting through several commercials, Sleep Diet viewers will find a 15-minute highly-pixelated video showing light reflecting on the surface of rippling water. Soft music plays in the background. The rippling water is occasionally swapped out for a moving black-and-white kaleidoscope image.

The initial water/kaleidoscope video is followed by an hour-long video of computer-generated graphics similar to what you'll get from the visualization plug-ins within Winamp, Windows Media Player, and many other music applications. This second video is accompanied by a rhythmic sound that I've heard on some sleep system CDs. The sound is designed to slow your brainwaves to a level conducive to sleep.

I can't say whether the videos on this channel will help you lose weight, but they may be an acceptable alternative to a sound therapy machine for providing soothing background noise at night.

-- Information is current as of July 12, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: Full-Versioned & Free Forever, SLEEP DIET Fights Fat While You Sleep using Safe, Simple Self-Hypnosis Techniques.

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