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Screensavers & Apps

Roku Channel List

All Roku Screensavers & Apps Channels are listed below. Links take you to detailed information and exclusive reviews for every channel.
A Diff Flip Clock - Old school analog flip clock screensaver
Ahhveo - Customizable screensaver filled with the sights and sounds of nature
Alien Worlds - Screensaver featuring images from NASA and fantasy space artwork
Animated Flip Clock - Current time displayed as an animated flip clock
Aquarium Screensaver - Screensaver displays a variety of tropical fish on a colorful coral reef, along with time and weather
ArmchairTourist - Static, long play, experiential videos that allow viewers to enjoy the sights and sounds of fascinating locations around the world
Art Stream Videos - High resolution videos of fine art
artcast - HD video, paintings and photography turn your TV into art
Artcast Lite - Ambience videos with a large variety of soothing scenes
Binary Clock Screensaver - Current time displayed in binary clock fashion
Blockwave Preview - Free preview of the Blockwave Screensaver
Blockwave Screensaver - An image of colored blocks scrolls across the screen
CalendarStream - Display your Google Calendar in monthly and event list formats
CalendarStream FREE - Display a monthly calendar with events streamed from your web based calendar
CamsOnTV - View images from webcams around the U.S.
Car Screensaver - Screensaver featuring photos of high performance cars
Chaneru - Plays music, videos, slideshows and integrates iTunes and iPhoto files from your local network
Christmas - Screensaver with a slideshow of Christmas greetings
Christmas Screens - Screen saver showing Christmas themed pictures
Christmas Winter - Slideshow of Christmas and Winter photos accompanied by Christmas carols.
Cities at night - Screensaver featuring photos of city skylines at night
Clever Clocks Screensaver - Ten unique variations on the traditional clock, along with current weather conditions
CLOC - An LED-style screensaver the displays current time and weather conditions
Countdown to the Magic - A screensaver that displays the number of days until your "magical event" begins
Cute Captions - A screensaver that displays cute cat photos with humorous captions


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