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Roku Porn - Private Roku Channels for Adults

Adult Roku Channels

Yes, Roku has porn! But not officially. Adult channels are not listed in the public Roku Channel Store. They are available as Private Roku Channels, also called Hidden Roku Channels. They must be added to your Roku through your account settings on the Roku website.

Adding Adult Channels to your Roku Device

To add a Roku porn channel, visit the channel's page from the links below. Click on the "Add Channel" link on the channel's page and you will be taken to the Add Channel page on Roku's website. If you are not already logged into your account, you will be prompted to do so.

Alternatively, go directly to the Roku Add Channel page and use the channel access code shown on our page for the adult channel you want to add.

Note that many of these channels require that you subscribe to their adult streaming video service from their website before you can access their full library. Where applicable, links and subscription information can be found in the links below.

Help and More Information

More information about private channels can be found in our article "Private Roku Channels - What They Are & How to Add Them." If you are looking for something other than Roku porn channels, visit our (non-adult) Private Roku Channel directory.

If you experience any problems with your Roku account, contact Roku Support. However, private channels are not officially supported by Roku, Inc. If you have questions about or problems with an adult channel or your account with that service, please contact the content provider.

For more information about Roku porn and the channels listed below, visit our sister site!

Roku Porn Private Channel Directory

AdultEmpire UNLIMITED - The most popular Roku porn channel in our adult private channel listings. Over 175,000 videos, including 120,000 scenes and more than 28,000 full-length movies.
AEBN - Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network - Thousands of straight and gay full-length films; pay per minute watched
SugarInstant - Unlimited streaming to your Roku for $7.95 per month; 10-day free trial - Now with LIVE SHOWS!