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Q and A: Can I Watch the Olympics on Roku?

July 30, 2012 - 15:36 -- RokuGuide

AMC TVQ: NBC delays the best Olympic event broadcasts until prime time. Can I get live coverage of the London Olympics on my Roku?

A: NBC holds the U.S. broadcast rights to the London Olympics and the network has received a lot of criticism for not airing many popular events until prime time. NBC has taken a technological leap forward by providing live Internet streams of every Olympic event, but access is limited to those who have a cable or satellite TV subscription that includes MSNBC or CNBC. So what's a cordcutter (or someone with a very limited satellite or cable TV package) to do without waiting for the delayed OTA broadcast?

AMC TVNBC's Roku channel isn't offering any live coverage, so you'll have to look elsewhere. The obvious source of Olympics coverage is BBC, which is providing real-time coverage direct from London on the BBC News channel. The BBC News live feed is available on the private channel Nowhere TV. Install Nowhere TV by logging into your Roku account at, selecting the "Add a Private Channel" link, and using the channel code H9DWC. Or just click here. After adding the channel from the Roku website, go to your Roku device, enter the Channel Store, then exit to the main screen and Nowhere TV will install.

BBC News is found under the International category on Nowhere TV. You'll also find a BBC World News channel that offers Olympics coverage, but in my limited spot checks of both channels, the BBC News channel seemed to offer more-complete real-time coverage, while BBC World News was offering updates along with other news. Just remember that this is the channel that airs in Great Britain, so the coverage will be skewed toward's their athletes, so you won't necessarily be seeing Americans competing in the televised events.