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Q and A: How Can I Find AMC Shows on Roku?

July 21, 2012 - 20:30 -- RokuGuide

AMC TVQ: I just received a free Roku from Dish Network because I complained that they dropped AMC. I have it set up and operating, but I can't find an AMC channel. Dish told me that I could watch The Walking Dead and Mad Men on the Roku, but how do I find those shows? - Jon P.

A: Sorry, Jon, but there is no AMC channel on Roku. To get your fix of Mad Men and other AMC shows, you will need to look to Amazon Instant Video.

For those of you who aren't aware of the spat between Dish Network and AMC Networks, Dish is providing free Roku devices to customers who call up and complain that AMC is not being carried on Dish Network. They are also providing a monthly credit to offset the costs for the AMC videos, which are not free even if the Roku is.

However, this may not stop the exodus of Dish subscribers when AMC TV fans learn that their new Rokus won't provide them with live viewing of current episodes of their favorite shows. But with DVRs, who watches a show live anymore anyway? Here, then, is a rundown on where to find your favorite AMC TV shows on Roku:

Breaking Bad - Now in its 5th season, current episodes are available from Amazon Instant Video for $2.99 per episode. You can save 5% by purchasing a TV Pass, which results in each episode being automatically purchased at the discount price upon its release. The Season 4 recap and Season 5 preview are also available at no charge. Past seasons of Breaking Bad are also on Netflix, but Season 5 episodes are not yet available.

Small Town Security - As of the date of this article, the first episode of this new series is available for free from Amazon Instant Video.

Hell on Wheels - Season 2 of this contemporary Western premieres August 12. Season 1 is available from Amazon Instant Video, so Season 2 episodes will presumably also be available soon after they're shown on AMC's cable channel.

The Walking Dead - Season 3 returns October 14. Season 2 is available from Amazon Instant Video, so check back for Season 3 episodes - if Dish and AMC haven't kissed and made up by then. Season 1 is also available on Netflix.

The Killing - Reruns of the Killing aren't currently being shown on AMC TV, but fans can find Season 1 and Season 2
on Amazon Instant Video. Season 1 is also available on Netflix.

Mad Men - Reruns (or what AMC TV likes to call "encores") are currently being shown, but you can get all five seasons of Mad Men from Amazon Instant Video. The first four seasons are available on Netflix.

Hulu Plus subscribers are out of luck, as none of these series are available there. As noted above, only past seasons of some shows are available on Netflix, and the most-recent season isn't always available. And Amazon Prime subscribers will still have to pay since these series are not included in the Prime program.

I think I've covered the top AMC TV shows, but leave a comment below if I missed any of your favorites.